Coaching for an active life

Please take a look at the 2019 categories and criteria before completing a nomination form. Your nomination should be based on the period between 1 September 2018 and 31 August 2019. The programme or initiative may have begun prior to this, but core activity should have taken place in the past year.

This is a new category for 2019 which has been introduced in line with the UK Coaching Awards.  If you require further guidance in relation to this category, please contact

Please note that this nomination form is for the Coaching for an active life category. To nominate in any other category, please use the coach, official or volunteer forms

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Nam b’ fheàrr leat am fiosrachadh seo no am foirm ainmeachaidh ann an Gàidhlig, cuir fios gu

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Please carefully consider the specific award criteria and evidence required when completing the form.

The time period that you should base your nomination on is between 1 September 2018 and 31 August 2019. The programme or initiative may have begun prior to this, but core activity should have taken place in the past year.

Summary of key evidence
This award recognises an outstanding coaching programme or initiative which supports people to get active and stay active. We are looking for a programme or initiative that: • Has used coaching as a tool to transform people's lives • Has engaged people who may not have been physically active • Has developed people's coaching skills within the community, and deployed them to increase opportunities for others • Has made a wider impact on the community, such as community cohesion, employability or health and wellbeing
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Date published: 30 July 2019
Date updated: 31 July 2019


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