Please note that nominations are now closed for this year.


What's new in this year's awards?

We have updated our award categories and criteria. We have also simplified the nomination form to make this quicker and easier to complete. 


Which category should I nominate in?

You can find out more about each award and what we're looking for here: Categories and criteria

This should help you decide which category is the best fit for the person you would like to nominate.


Can I nominate someone in multiple categories?

Yes, but you will need to complete a separate form. This is because the criteria vary between categories, so you will need to tailor your nomination to each category.


What time frame should my nomination refer to?

The information you provide must relate to the year of 14 July 2021 to 13 July 2022, as this is the time frame we are basing the awards on. The one exception is for nominations in the lifetime achievement category, which should refer to their overall career in coaching, officiating or volunteering. 


Can I start the form and come back to it, or do I need to complete it in one go?

You won't be able to save your progress in the form, however we have simplified the forms for this year so it won't take long to complete. You can check below to see which information you will need to provide, and you may wish to write your 300 word nomination first and then copy and paste into the form. 


What information do I need to provide?

In the nomination form, you will need to provide the following information. All fields are compulsory. You may wish to write your 300 word nomination before starting, then copy and paste it in to the form. 

  • Nominator contact details (your own details)
  • Nominee contact details (the person you are nominating)
  • Which category you are nominating them for
  • About the nominee (their age, gender, location and sport)
  • Referring to the award criteria, please outline why the nominee should win this award (up to 300 words or a 1 minute video)

It's important that in your nomination you refer to the criteria for the relevant category. The sift group and judges will be referring to these criteria when shortlisting and selecting winners. 


Can I submit a video nomination?

If you prefer, you can submit a nomination video instead of a written nomination. You will still need to complete and submit the nomination form, but instead of completing the text field you can send a 1 minute video via WeTransfer to coaching.awards@sportscotland.org.uk. Please ensure that your video answers the following question:

Q. Referring to the award criteria, please outline why the nominee should win this award.

If you are filming anyone else as part of the video, you will need to make sure you have their consent to be filmed. 

Note that we will only assess either the 1 minute video or the 300 words written nomination. Please do not submit both as only one will be considered in judging. 


Do I have to submit a video as part of the nomination?

No, this is entirely optional - you can choose to submit a 300 word written nomination in the form instead. Written nominations and videos will be considered equally in judging, so just choose the format that you prefer.

Note that we will only assess either the 1 minute video or the 300 words written nomination. Please do not submit both as only one will be considered in judging. 


Do I need to get permission from the person I am nominating?

We think it’s a good idea to let the nominee know so you can be sure they’re happy to be nominated. However, we will contact all nominees to confirm they are happy to be considered for the award.


How will the information be used?

All nominations will be assessed by a 'sift' group of sportscotland staff and partners who will put forward a shortlist to the judging panel. Information will only be viewed by the COV Awards project group, sift group and judging panel, and managed in accordance with sportscotland's privacy and data protection policies. 


Can I get confirmation that my nomination has been received?

Once submitting the form, you will see a confirmation message. At this stage you will also be able to download a copy of your answers if you wish to keep this for reference. If you need to check anything about the nomination at a later date, please contact coaching.awards@sportscotland.org.uk


Will nominees be notified?

After the closing date, we will contact all nominees to let them know that they have been nominated for an award, and to confirm that they are happy to be considered.

This does not necessarily mean that they have or haven't been shortlisted or selected as a winner, but we hope that they will appreciate the recognition. We will then be in touch with winners at a later date. 


When is the deadline for nominations?

12 noon on Wednesday 13 July 2022.


How will winners be recognised?

We hope to celebrate with our winners at an awards ceremony in Glasgow on Tuesday 4 October, COVID restrictions and other circumstances permitting. Winners and guests will be contacted directly with more information.

Winners will also be profiled and celebrated in short films which will be shared across sportscotland social media channels. We will also send press releases to their local newspaper and feature them on Sport First. 

Take a look at our 2019 winners to see how they we celebrated and profiled their contributions. 


I have another question

Please contact coaching.awards@sportscotland.org.uk and we will get back to you as soon as possible.



Date published: 05 May 2022
Date updated: 13 July 2022


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