Coaching Conference 2018

The first ever UK Coaching Conference takes place at Oriam, Scotland’s Sports Performance Centre, Edinburgh from 26-27 June, delivered by UK Coaching, hosted by sportscotland and supported by all sports council partners across the UK.

Modelling the very best in personalised learning, aimed at the whole range of roles involved in the coaching sector, this will be the ultimate event of 2018.




This event is for:

  • People who are coaching others in sport and physical activity
  • Coaching system workforce
  • Coach development workforce
  • Senior decision makers in sport and physical activity

Recognising 2018 as Scotland’s Year of the Young Person, the event theme is Coaching: The Next Generation.

By attending the event you can benefit from five key outcomes guaranteed to boost your learning and embed into your daily practise whatever your role in the UK’s coaching family.

  • How coaching can develop positive attitudes to physical activity
  • How coaching in sport is a vehicle to develop confidence in young people
  • How coaching in sport can support young people to achieve positive outcomes
  • How coaching in sport enables social and community development
  • How to recognise great coaching and how to develop the right behaviours, knowledge, skills and experience

The conference also provides information, best practice and invaluable networking covering topics including:

  • How to progress in coaching as a career
  • How to involve young people into coaching roles
  • Understanding the growing child (physical development)
  • Duty of care

All this and more: to help you on your conference journey, you can be connected to one of our special Conference Coaches to help shape the very best learning experience for you.




Date published: 16 April 2018
Date updated: 16 April 2018


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