Asset transfer

Is the club interested in taking on ownership of a club facility? 

Considerations for an asset transfer

If a club is thinking about taking on an asset (property of some kind) consider the following:

  • Is it necessary?
  • Are there other options available?
  • What benefits would it offer?

Who can help?

The Community Ownership Support Service (COSS) are a Scottish Government-funded programme, set up to help community-based groups in Scotland take on land or building assets for their community. COSS advisors are available to provide guidance through the process. 


The Asset Transfer Route Map, provides a guide through the four phases to asset acquisition. As a starting point, It is advised in the first instance to begin with Getting Started with Asset Transfer, Phase 2 and Phase 3 link closely to The People, The Money and The Business 


Case Study

Its always useful to speak to other sports groups who have experiences of asset transfer. Take a look at the experience of The Crags Centre in Edinburgh as they took on the challenge of ownership. 

Date published: 12 October 2016
Date updated: 20 January 2017


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