Members and participants

Help to understand the needs of all members and participants.

The information shared on this page is not an endorsement of any specific product or provider. We encourage these to be used as examples in your search for the right solution for your clubs & organisations.

Many of these products have free trial periods that enable you to make more effective decisions on their use. Please share any other products or providers you have had a positive experience with that help inform the network.

Research & legal

Understand audiences with Sport England:

Tools & resources

  • Acorn - intelligent customer analysis tool to understand consumers & communities

  • Google Forms - a tool for quick polls & gathering information

  • Checkbox - intelligent survey tool - check out the key features

  • Upshot – helps to manage, monitor and evidence your work

  • Are you ready for members - an infographic outline for clubs - Scottish Hockey

Watch, listen & read

Helpful organisations

Clubs and community organisations need to hold information on their members in a secure way (GDPR). Governing Bodies of Sport may already provide access to a membership management system, if they don’t, there are a variety of products on the market which can do this. Here are some examples: (This is not an endorsement)


Date published: 28 September 2017
Date updated: 25 October 2017


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