Direct club investment

Within our Corporate Plan 2015-2019 Direct Club Investment is a key component of sportscotland’s commitment towards the development of Club Sport. In addition the introduction of the Club and Communities Framework will provide a comprehensive guide for clubs surrounding the six key priority areas for development, and should be considered prior to seeking specific project support through DCI.

This project, incorporating a funding stream, compliments our other Club Sport investment: Community Sport Hubs, Awards for All and the Sports Facility Fund. It is unique as it offers investment to support club development over a period of 2-4 years, giving the club time to embed significant developmental change.

Since its introduction in 2013, sportscotland has invested £3.89million in Direct Club Investment in addition to £7.12m of investment from clubs and other local partners. 162 projects have now been supported through DCI.

Now in conjunction with our partners, we have identified Equalities and Inclusion as a key priority to drive further improvement in the system.

We will now adopt a weighted approach to DCI investment, prioritising projects that provide more and better opportunities for people from SIMD communities, girls and women, those with a disability and underrepresented groups.

The supporting Business Case guide and template will provide further support and should be used as a basis for the club’s submission.

Date published: 12 September 2016
Date updated: 28 April 2022


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