BarrheadKira - YPSP

Education: Barrhead High School

Sport: Football and basketball

Coaching and volunteering: School football and basketball clubs

Hobbies: Volunteering in the community - Youth Voice, Include me 2 club

Proudest achievement: Receiving the Diana Award for volunteering with local community and school

Future aspirations: To become a PE teacher or working to develop equal opportunities for all in sport

Interesting fact: Born on Christmas Day


Q&A with Kira


What sport are you involved in and what is it that you love about it?

Due to lockdown my participation in sport has taken a massive hit and prevented me from doing as much as I’d have liked. I was involved in football but because of my age had to step back from this. Before lockdown I was actively involved in snowboarding and basketball which haven’t returned yet. I regularly use my time to help support PE classes and coach different school clubs when they're available. Sport in general is and always will be a massive part of my life, providing a personal safety net from many of life’s challenges. 

What motivated you to be part of the Young People’s Sport Panel?

I first looked into the Sport Panel as I’d noticed different people struggling more than others when trying to get involved in sport through my own experiences and watching others. From this I decided that I wanted to try in some way, no matter how small, to make sport more inclusive and accessible for those who would benefit from it.

What do you think of the YPSP so far and what work are you involved in?

I think the YPSP members are a great group of young people who I’m sure will have an incredible impact on the future of sport in Scotland. So far, I’ve loved getting involved in all the opportunities that have been made available and have already learned a lot! I am looking forward to what we will be able to achieve as we progress forward.

What do you think are (some of) the big challenges facing young people in Scotland today?

I think one of the biggest issues young people face is identifying aspects of their mental health, what’s good for it and when they need to take care of it.

How do you think sport can help support young people in Scotland?

Through sport and physical activity, new doors can be opened for young people to improve their mental health as well as their overall wellbeing. It can provide new social networks and healthy relationships away from home and school.

If you could change one thing about sport in Scotland, what would it be?

I would change grassroots clubs to be focussed on accessibility rather than competing at such young ages. Start by creating a love for each sport, strong relationships within clubs and actively encourage long term commitments at a level suitable to what each young person is dealing with in other areas of their lives, e.g exams.

Is there a role model who inspires you? What is it about them that you admire?

For me, when I see someone who works hard, doesn't give up and constantly tries to encourage others - that's when I'm most inspired, and I've been able to be around people like that for the last 6 years through my school PE department. Without them, I wouldn't be involved in sport as much as I am. 

Date published: 19 November 2020
Date updated: 03 December 2021


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