Muirhead, GlasgowHannah YPSP

Education: University of Edinburgh (English Literature)

Sport: Indoor Climbing

Coaching and volunteering: Freelance climbing coach

Club: GB Climbing Team (Junior and Senior)

Hobbies: Travel, music and theatre

Proudest achievement: Junior British Bouldering and Lead Climbing Champion

Future aspirations: Semi-finals at senior climbing world cups, finish my coaching qualifications and have good relationships with the athletes I coach, and to do something I really enjoy with my degree. Also to finally be able to do the splits!

Interesting fact: I was a backing singer for Andrea Bocelli at the SECC Hydro in Glasgow


Q&A with Hannah


What sport(s) are you involved in and what is it that you love about it?

I have been involved in many sports but for the past 8 years my focus has been on climbing. I have been competing on the GB senior and junior climbing teams for 4 years. I love climbing because of its uniqueness. You need to be a good all-round athlete and technique is just as important as strength and you never have to climb the same climb twice so there’s always something new to try. My climbing has taken me to so many cool places and given me opportunities that I never thought I would have – I’m so lucky to have found this sport!

What motivated you to be part of the Young People’s Sport Panel?

The young people’s sport panel was recommended to me by ClimbScotland. I have always been enthusiastic about promoting the benefits of sport and an active lifestyle and so I knew this role was something that I wanted to be involved in. The Young People’s Sport Panel is a chance to make big changes in the lives of young people and to have a positive impact so they can have access to the incredible world that sport has to offer.

What do you think of the YPSP so far and what work are you involved in?

I have loved being part of the YPSP so far and it has been even better than I had hoped. The team I get to pleasure of working with is incredible and I have made some life-long friends. I’m very excited t be part of the Schools, P.E. and Education focus group. This was an area I was keen to work in as I think schools can have a huge impact on how active a young person is and their enjoyment of sport. I believe that there is a sport for everyone and I think schools have a huge responsibility to deliver a range of sporting opportunities to children.

What do you think are (some of) the big challenges facing young people in Scotland today?

Social media has a huge impact on the lives of young people today, in both a good and a bad way. It can be used to communicate s effectively and creates a lot of community and friendships among young people but there are many issues that come along with it. I have experienced a lot of negative thoughts around body image in the past and social media was a big factor in encouraging negative thoughts. Social media allows users to create a highly edited and often unrealistic profile of themselves which can be intimidating for others. I think that this is a big reason why many young girls and boys won’t be active.

How do you think sport can help support young people in Scotland?

Being active has so many benefits; you can build friendships, stay physically healthy, become more confident and it can be a form of stress relief at busy times. Being active has helped me feel so much better about myself and allows me to think clearly. I also think it has helped my organisation skills massively by helping me manage my time better and plan in advance.

If you could change one thing about sport in Scotland, what would it be?

I would love to see better transport links to sports facilities for young people. Many facilities are in bug warehouses outside of cities and can be difficult to get to. Easy ways to get to facilities might mean the difference between someone being regularly active or not.

Is there a role model who inspires you? What is it about them that you admire?

Coaches have always inspired me. Both my coaches and coaches in general. They are the people who teach us sport and show us how to directly get involved. They work to get as many young people being active as possible and have such a passion for including everyone in the world of sport which is constantly expanding.

Date published: 19 November 2020
Date updated: 02 December 2021


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