Young People's Sport Panel - where are they now?




What skills developed during your time on the panel have helped you since?

The main skill I developed during my time on the panel was confidence. It's easy when you're younger to shy away from discussions and question whether your opinion is valid but the time I spent on the panel highlighted the importance of what I had to say.


What was your personal highlight from your time as a member of the panel?

The trip myself, Sophie, Nathan and Michelle took to Qatar, Doha was probably my highlight. First of all it was pretty sweet to have the opportunity to visit such an interesting country that I'd never been to but it was also incredible to be a part of the Doha Goals (Gather Of All Leaders in Sport) and meet so many young people from across the world who shared our common goal.


What was your motivation in applying to be on the panel?

I felt I could make a positive impact on sport in Scotland especially for young people and I saw the YPSP as the perfect platform to have my thoughts and ideas heard.


What would your advice be for future sport panel members /applicants?

Get fully involved in the conversation. For me it took a little bit of time to settle in and, looking back on my time on the panel, I wish I'd been more involved from the start.


Why should young people apply to be on the panel?

It's and incredible opportunity to have your voice heard as well as giving you the chance to develop a range of life skills.


Why do you think it is important that young people speak up for sport in Scotland?

Young people make up a massive amount of sports participants in Scotland, so it is only fair their voices are heard. I also feel young people are often able to give a unique view of situations that other age groups can sometime miss out.


Date published: 15 January 2018
Date updated: 06 May 2019


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