Young People's Sport Panel - where are they now?



How did your time on the panel affected your career pathway?

I think my time on the panel shaped the type of work I want to do in the future. I want to work with kids and make a difference in kids' lives, and I really saw how powerful this can be through my work with the YPSP. I've spent two summers in America working with kids and will hopefully be returning for a third this year, and it's the most rewarding thing I've ever done. The panel really helps you see the power that young people can have and the positive impact that sport and physical activity can have on the lives of young people. If weren't for the panel I might not have had the confidence to go and work in the states.


What skills did you develop through your involvement with the panel?

My time on the panel really developed my confidence and ability to talk to people and I wouldn't have been able to do many of things I have achieved today without those skills. It has allowed me to ask for more opportunities and really follow what I want to do with the knowledge that I have from my time on the panel regarding sport and also regarding how to interact with people.


What was your personal highlight from your time as a member of the panel?

There were many highlights from my time on the panel. We got to attend some amazing events and play a big role in a number of high profile sporting events. But I think my overall highlight was working with other young people with the common goal of improving Scottish sport and making it better not only nationally, but throughout local communities. It was amazing to see how we all came together and the different experiences and ideas we all brought to the table.


What was your motivation in applying to be on the panel?

I've always been heavily involved in sport in one way or another, and my Active Schools Coordinator thought it might be good for me, so I researched what it was and I applied straight away. The opportunity to have a voice in Scottish sport was a massive draw and I really just wanted to play a part in driving sport in Scotland to another level, even by just contributing one small idea or producing some content that opened people's eyes and minds to the work of young people, particularly on committees.


What would your advice be for future sport panel members /applicants? Why should young people apply to be on the panel?

Just take a chance and apply. The opportunities that are available are limitless and it can really help you grow as a person and also help you with career decisions and networking.


Why do you think it is important that young people speak up for sport in Scotland?

Young people bring fresh and new ideas to the table. They are often heavily involved at grassroots level and can really be very relatable to the kids that are involved in sport today. They have the ability to be a real positive role model and when given the chance, young people can really make a difference.



Date published: 15 January 2018
Date updated: 06 May 2019


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