Young People's Sport Panel - where are they now?



How did your time on the panel affected your career pathway?

When I started on the YPSP in 2012, I had just started working as an Assistant Sport Development Officer with Glasgow Life. Not only did I feel the panel helped me develop within this role, it allowed me to understand the wider sporting landscape within Scotland. I knew I wanted to pursue a career with Active Schools and my time on the panel allowed me to speak to people within the network and confirm this decision. I have now been an Active Schools Coordinator since 2014 and feel my experience on the panel still helps me develop within this role today.


What skills, experiences or opportunities from your time on the panel have helped you since?

As a panel, we had many opportunities to present, whether that was in meetings, events, conferences of presenting to the sportscotland board.

I personally feel this was the main area I developed in over my two years on the panel. I had the opportunity to present at the Scottish Sport Development Conference, Regional Networking Events, to the board at sportscotland and within Community Sport Hub meetings. The panel allowed me to develop my delivery skills and instilled a new confidence for public speaking. It was also a great opportunity to influence decision makers into valuing the views of young people in sport and encouraging them to reflect on their ways of working.

Another area of development for me is the number of opportunities we had to network at different sporting conferences/events. People were interested to find out about the panel and this meant networking became a key part of your role. Within my work today, I attend different meetings/events where networking is key and my experience of this within the sport panel has certainly increased my confidence and I look forward to opportunities to meet new people in sport and discuss how we can work together to make Scotland the best play to be active. 

I have also now been involved in the selection process for the Young people’s sport panel over the past 4 years. This has been a great opportunity and has allowed me to review applications and interview candidates for the role. It has been great to continue my involvement with this and see the number of passionate young people aspiring to shape the future of sport in Scotland.


What was your personal highlight from your time as a member of the panel?

I have many great highlights from my time on the panel. Presenting with three other panel members at the Scottish Sport Development Conference definitely stands out. This was in my first year on the panel and was one of the first times I had presented to a large audience. We were able to introduce the panel and encourage the audience (Sports Development, Active Schools, National Governing Bodies) to think about their work with young people and how they can ensure young people are contributing to decision making within their area.


What was your motivation in applying to be on the panel?

I had just started working in sport and wanted to gain a deeper insight into the framework within Scotland. I was already excited to be working within Glasgow and felt it would be a fantastic opportunity to represent young people on a national panel. 


What would your advice be for future sport panel members /applicants?

I will always encourage any young person considering applying for the YPSP to go for it. I have never been part of something like this before, my experience continues to help me today and I have met so many inspirational people along the way. I am still proud today to tell people I was a member of the Young people’s sport panel and love to see what the past and current panels have got involved in.

If you are successful, take every opportunity and apply yourself within each one. I believe the more you put into the panel, the more you will get out of it. Find opportunities to promote your work within the panel, I was lucky working in sport that I was able to do so, you might find opportunities to do this within your work, school, college etc.


Why should young people apply to be on the panel?

 From being a part on the panel, I believe you will:

  • Make new friends
  • Meet many people across Scotland who are making a difference to sport and will inspire you to speak up for sport and make that difference too.
  • Your views are crucial to ensuring the future of sport has young people at the centre.
  • You will gain a deeper understanding of sport across Scotland and find out how you can contribute to sport for young people.


Why do you think it is important that young people speak up for sport in Scotland?

Young people are the future for sport in Scotland. It is crucial they are engaged in decision making, sharing their voice to ensure the development of sport within Scotland has young people at its centre from sharing ideas, decision making, participation, volunteering and performance.  I work with young people on a daily basis and it’s always refreshing to hear their views on sport and action their ideas on making a difference.



Date published: 11 January 2018
Date updated: 06 May 2019


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