Young People's Sport Panel - where are they now?


How did your time on the panel affected your career pathway?

I always knew I wanted a career in the sporting industry and at the time I joined the YPSP I was studying Applied Sport and Exercise Science at University of Edinburgh – so it was a perfect volunteering opportunity! My main reason for wanting to be part of the YPSP team was because I knew it would open up multiple doors to learn more about sport in Scotland and truly make a difference to young people. Little did I know that being on the panel would increase my passion for sport even further and help me get my first job after graduation.


What skills or experiences from your time on the panel have helped you since?

The most significant impact the panel had on my employability was definitely the interview process. As the process followed the same formula to a standard job interview, but was much more informal, it allowed me to reduce any ‘first-time’ nerves and boost my confidence. The experience I gained of preparing for the interview: choosing an outfit, understanding my strongest skills and summarising my relevant experience all taught me the way to interview for future interviews and I have now had two full-time jobs in the sporting industry since graduating from University.


What was your personal highlight from your time as a member of the panel?

The highlight of the panel for me is definitely providing the opening speech at one of the Regional Networking Events organised by sportscotland. It was an honour to be recognised for the opportunity and also showed me how far my confidence in public speaking had developed. The icing on the cake was the fact it allowed me to re-connect with the Active Schools Coordinator who helped me begin my career path all the way back at high school! We still catch-up every so often and that is a wonderful working relationship I am glad to have in my life.


What was your motivation in applying to be on the panel?

The panel sounded like the perfect opportunity to understand more about the world of sport in a way which benefitted others in my age group. As my main goals in life are to work in sport and to help others I just couldn’t pass it up!


What would your advice be for future sport panel members /applicants?

Future applicants should prepare for the interview well, but remember to be themselves at all times during the process, as it is natural energy which the reviewing panel will be looking for!


Why should young people apply to be on the panel?

The panel is now in its 4th rotation and it is safe to say that the experiences of each panel have never been the same because the world of sport is always changing! I believe anyone who is interested in sport and helping others should apply to be part of something huge and exciting.


Why do you think it is important that young people speak up for sport in Scotland?

It is vital that young people get involved with sport as early as possible in their lives in order to have the healthiest lives possible. For young people to get involved in sport, however, it needs to be ensured that sport continues to appeal to, and support, the younger generation. It is clear that the people best placed to decide how well sport is achieving these aims are those directly affected! 2018 is the Year of Young People so it is even more important to have young people’s voices heard at this time too!

Date published: 12 January 2018
Date updated: 06 May 2019


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