Young People's Sport Panel - where are they now?



How has your time on the panel affected your career pathway?

My time on the panel allowed me to see “the bigger picture”. It showed to me that it doesn’t matter how small a part you play in the sporting landscape, you can make a big difference to the world of sport around you. Before the panel I would never have believed that the voice of 16 young people would be heard at the top of sportscotland and even Government level discussion. This has allowed to me to realise that jobs and events which I once thought were well out of my reach…were actually a very distinct possibility.


What skills & experiences from your time on the panel have helped you since?

When starting in the panel I was applying for Active Schools Coordinator jobs, and after failing at my first 2 attempts, the experiences I received through the sport panel gave me that little bit of extra confidence I needed in interviews to get the job I wanted and start my career in sport full time. Not only did it help me get the job but once I was working full time, the contacts I had made and the experiences I had throughout my time in the panel were allowing me bring certain skills to the job which many in my team did not have.


What was your personal highlight from your time as a member of the panel?

My personal highlight of the panel was attending the Commonwealth Sports Development Conference, and speaking on stage as part of a group discussion about Youth Sport. Managing to voice my experiences and opinions in front of the heads of sport from around all the Commonwealth Countries across the world was incredible. This is an experience that very few people in the world have had, and being one of those individuals is something I will never forget.


What was your motivation in applying to be on the panel?

For as long as I have been involved in sport, I have wanted to make a difference and the panel was one of the biggest opportunities I had seen to do that. Knowing how amazing sport can be for everyone, the Sport Panel gave me a platform to share my opinions on how I think sport can progress in Scotland and help change the lives of those people who need it most. Also meeting like-minded young people was a great feeling. Many of my friends at the time were only involved in sport for the social side so having people to seriously discuss sport as a career with people my own age provided me with an extra confidence that I could take into my work from then on.


What would your advice be for future sport panel members /applicants?

My advice for future panel applicants would be, as much as you think your just a small part of the Scottish Sport machine…you opinions and experiences as a young person coming through the system are just as vital as those at the top of the sport making decisions, so don’t be afraid to share your views to help everyone from the top, down. 


Why should young people apply to be on the panel?

Young people should apply to the panel as it offers a huge insight into the world of sport. You will meet people who live and breathe sport just like you, and attending national events you may even meet your future employers. This is an opportunity you cannot afford to miss.


Why do you think it is important that young people speak up for sport in Scotland?

Young people in sport need a voice. Many of those people who are involved in decision making are only doing what they think young people will want.

Your input can make sure that Scottish sport delivers EXACTLY what young people in Scotland need.


Date published: 12 January 2018
Date updated: 06 May 2019


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