Everyone taking part will be supported by quality people, working together to help them achieve their goals

There is a strong workforce of coaches, officials and leaders - both voluntary and professional - supporting participation and progression in Scottish sport. We aim to ensure that the supply and quality of coaches, officials and leaders meets the demand and encourages wider involvement.


To cultivate a Scotland where sport is a way of life it is critical that the we build the value of coaches in our sporting system. We are growing our stock of knowledge and expertise in order to continue recruiting, support and recognising quality coaches.

The knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviour of coaches needs to be harnessed in order to deliver high-quality sporting experiences that inspire people of all ages to participate and progress in sport.

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Central to sportscotland's commitment to building a world class sporting system at all levels in Scotland is the attraction and development of volunteers who give their time to sport. 

Volunteering underpins a wide range of sporting activity in Scotland and comes in a variety of forms, from supervising junior team training sessions on Saturday mornings to assisting at major events such as the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games.

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We recognise that officials such as referees and line judges are a vital part of sport and its development in Scotland.

We are working with partners to help deliver our commitments to supporting officials and encouraging others to become involved in this essential side of sport whether it be through volunteering or in an employed capacity.

Young leaders 

Through a number of programmes we also place the focus firmly on developing young people as leaders in sport. Our current programmes for young leaders are: 

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Date published: 26 May 2016
Date updated: 06 July 2018


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