Positive Coaching Scotland reports


The Positive Coaching Scotland programme consists of workshops and supporting materials designed for four key influencer groups in children’s and youth sport: coaches, parents, teachers, and club leaders. The workshops have been developed to facilitate key influencers’ understanding of the three core PCS principles: honour our sport; redefine ‘winner’ and fill the emotional tank.

For more information about PCS please see www.sportscotland.org.uk/pcs

About the evaluation

The evaluation focused on the implementation of PCS with local authority and governing body partners, concentrating particularly on strategic and operational issues. Though the evaluation has measured impact of the training on workshop participants, this is a cultural change intervention and we would not expect to find significant cultural change within three years.


Three versions of the final evaluation report are available:

  • Full report: The full version of the evaluation findings which includes the full case studies and workshop survey data.
  • Summary report: A 20 page summary of the evaluation findings including useful context. This is the document we anticipate disseminating most widely.
  • Executive summary: A 5 page document which presents the key findings.

Further information

For further information please email pcs@sportscotland.org.uk