sportscotland’s contribution to the Active Scotland Outcomes Framework  2017-18

In August 2017 sportscotland commissioned Research Scotland to carry out research to evidence our contribution to the six outcomes in the Active Scotland Outcomes Framework (ASOF).  This work focused on our ‘schools and education’ and ‘clubs and communities’ portfolios. 

The research consisted of large scale surveys of school pupils and clubs members in schools and clubs we support.  This was supplemented by a small number of focus groups with pupils and club members.

The research gathered:

  • survey responses from 3,000 club members;
  • survey responses from 14,849 school pupils; and
  • views of 77 young people and adults through focus group discussions.

Through the research we are able to evidence the wider impacts of our programmes on participants and members.  The infographic gives the high level findings against each of the six outcomes.    

Outputs from ASOF research:

Date published: 12 August 2019
Date updated: 30 September 2020


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