Corporate Parenting

“Never underestimate the value of sporting opportunities to care experienced young people – they can be life changing” – Ian, care experienced young person

In 2015, sportscotland was designated as a Corporate Parent under Part 9 of the Children and Young People Act 2014 (Scotland), alongside organisations including local authorities, health boards, the police and other public bodies.

Approximately 15,500 care experienced young people in Scotland do not enjoy the same positive advantages, experiences and outcomes as other children, and that all too often their life chances are restricted.  As a Corporate Parent, sportscotland is committed to improving the lives of these young people through opportunities and participation in sport. Our Corporate Parenting Plan outlines our commitment to make this happen through the following outcomes:

  • Care experienced young people are able to see that sportscotland is embedding its Corporate Parenting responsibilities into its strategy, and collaborating with key partners to understand their needs and improve their experiences.
  • The needs of care experienced young people are promoted and safeguarded in sportscotland and across its partners, and there is improved awareness of the role of sport and physical activity in improving their wellbeing.
  • Care experienced young people have access to, and awareness of, opportunities to participate in, and benefit from, sport and physical activity.

This plan below outlines how sportscotland will meet its statutory duties as a Corporate Parent during the period 2016-19:

If you’d like more information about our role as a Corporate Parent,  or would like our plan in an alternative format/language, please contact Darren McKay:

Date published: 28 July 2017
Date updated: 30 April 2019


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