Because Of Sport

We want to celebrate all of the amazing things that sport can do for you (from overcoming adversity, finding friendship or physical skills to pushing yourself to limits you never thought possible) and we want to hear your own personal stories of what you have experienced #BecauseOfSport.

We want to share your collective experiences with the nation in the hope of inspiring others to get involved in sport. To capture this, we are asking you to send us a short clip of yourself telling us your #BecauseOfSport story.

What should you say?

The sky is the limit, but ideally it should be personal to you rather than generic. Why not tell us about what sport makes you feel as well as what you have accomplished? So what are you waiting for? Ask a friend to film you and send us a clip NOW!

If you're still unsure of what to do, take a look at our film!

What we need from you:

  1. Film a clip of you telling us what you have achieved #BecauseOfSport
  2. No more than 30 seconds long and filmed horizontally, in as high quality as you can manage with no editing or filters.
  3. Post it on our social media channels (Twitter, Facebook or Instagram) using the hashtag #BecauseOfSport

If you need some inspiration or ideas for what we’re looking for, check out our #BecauseOfSport YouTube Playlist.

We can’t wait to hear what YOU have experienced, achieved, overcome or accomplished #BecauseOfSport… 

Date published: 03 November 2016
Date updated: 16 December 2016


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